If the vCenter Server appliance 7.0 where vSphere Lifecycle Manager runs does not have access to the Internet, you can install UMDS on a Linux-based operating system to download update binaries and metadata.


  • Verify you have administrative privileges on the Linux machine where you install the UMDS.
  • Mount the ISO file of the vCenter Server appliance 7.0 to the Linux machine.


  1. In the Linux machine, open the Command Shell.
  2. From the vCenter Server ISO that you mounted to the Linux machine, copy the VMware-UMDS-7.0.0-build_number.tar.gz file to the Linux machine.
  3. Unarchive the VMware-UMDS-7.0.0-build_number.tar.gz file by running tar -xvzf VMware-UMDS-7.0.0-build_number.tar.gz and navigate to the newly extracted directory /vmware-umds-distrib.
    For example, if you unarchived the VMware-UMDS-7.0.0-build_number.tar.gz file, to a directory you created with the name umds, your navigation path is /umds/vmware-umds-distrib.
  4. Run the file UMDS installation script.
    The script has the following filename: vmware-install.pl.
  5. Read and accept the EULA.
  6. Select a directory where to install the UMDS.
    The default UMDS installation location is usr/local/vmware-umds.
  7. Enter the UMDS proxy settings.
    You can also change proxy configuration after you install UMDS by using the following command:
    vmware-umds -S --proxy <proxyAddress:port>
  8. Select a directory where to store the patches.
    Important: The patch store directory must be different from the UMDS installation directory. The default patch store location is /var/lib/vmware-umds.


UMDS is installed.