By using recommended images for your clusters, you ensure that your environment runs the latest verified software. Because the recommendations that vSphere Lifecycle Manager generates for a cluster are not automatically updated when the cluster changes or when new software is available in the vSphere Lifecycle Manager depot, you must periodically perform the check for recommendations task.

A recommended image contains updates for your cluster. Recommendations are based on the ESXi versions available in the vSphere Lifecycle Manager depot. When you trigger the check for recommendations task, vSphere Lifecycle Manager first determines the recommended ESXi versions for the cluster. After that, vSphere Lifecycle Manager checks sequentially for newer versions of the vendor add-on, additional components, and firmware add-on that are compatible with the recommended ESXi version and the hardware of the hosts in the cluster. So, sometimes, a recommended image might contain the same ESXi version as the ESXi version in the current image for the cluster but combined with an updated vendor add-on, component, or firmware add-on.

The check for recommendation task is non-cancellable. You must rerun the task periodically to ensure that the recommendations are valid and still suitable to the cluster.

Before you check for recommended images, you must ensure that the cluster is not being remediated. Recommendations generation and remediation are mutually exclusive operations. They cannot run simultaneously.



  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to a cluster that you manage with a single image.
  2. On the Updates tab, select Hosts > Image.
  3. In the Image card, click the horizontal ellipsis icon and select Check for recommended images.
    When the task finishes, a blue badge appears in the Image card.
  4. To view the recommended images, click the horizontal ellipsis icon and select View recommended images.


vSphere Lifecycle Manager generates recommendations. vSphere Lifecycle Manager might list up to two recommended images applicable to the cluster. Sometimes, no recommended images are available. In such cases, vSphere Lifecycle Manager displays detailed information about why no recommendations are available.

What to do next

View the recommendations. You can import a recommended image to the cluster and replace the current image that the cluster uses. See Use a Recommended Image.