You can edit the content of a custom baseline by adding or removing individual patches or extension from the baseline.


Required privileges: VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager.Manage Baselines


  1. Navigate to the vSphere Lifecycle Manager home view.
    1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu > Lifecycle Manager.
    2. Select a vCenter Server system from the Lifecycle Manager drop-down menu.
      The drop-down menu is available only when multiple vCenter Server systems are connected by a common vCenter Single Sign-On domain. By selecting a vCenter Server system, you specify which vSphere Lifecycle Manager instance you want to administer.
  2. Click the Updates tab.
    You see a list of all updates in the vSphere Lifecycle Manager depot.
  3. Select a patch or extension from the list, and click Add/Remove Baselines.
    The Add/Remove baselines dialog box opens.
  4. Select your task.
    • To add the patch to a baseline, select that baseline in the Custom Patch Baselines list.
    • To remove the patch from a baseline, deselect that baseline in the Custom Patch Baselines list.
  5. Click OK.