To use the latest UMDS version on your Linux-based system, you must first uninstall the current version of UMDS. No direct upgrade path is available to a later version of UMDS.


  • Verify you have administrative privileges on the Linux machine where UMDS runs.


  1. In the Linux machine, open the Command Shell.
  2. Navigate to the UMDS installation directory, and locate the file
    The default UMDS installation location is usr/local/vmware-umds.
  3. Run the ./ command.
  4. To confirm that you want to uninstall UMDS from the system, enter Yes.
    The UMDS uninstallation procedure starts.
  5. (Optional) Remove PostgreSQL Database from you Linux machine.
    For information about uninstalling PostgreSQL Database, go to the official PostgreSQL documentation.


UMDS is uninstalled from the Linux system.

What to do next

You can upgrade your Linux OS, and install a later compatible version of UMDS.