UMDS downloads upgrades, patch binaries, patch metadata, and notifications to a folder that you can specify during the UMDS installation.

The default folder to which UMDS downloads patch binaries and patch metadata on a Linux machine is /var/lib/vmware-umds .

You can change the folder in which UMDS downloads data after you install UMDS.

If you have already downloaded host updates, copy all the files and folders from the old location to the new patch store location. The folder in which UMDS downloads patch binaries and patch metadata must be located on the machine on which UMDS is installed.


  1. Log in as an administrator to the machine where UMDS is installed, and open a Command Prompt window.
  2. Navigate to the directory where UMDS is installed.
    The default location in 64-bit Linux is /usr/local/vmware-umds.
  3. Change the patch repository directory by running the command:
    vmware-umds -S --patch-store your_new_patchstore_folder
    In this example, your_new_patchstore_folder is the path to the new folder in which you want to download the patch binaries and patch metadata.


You successfully changed the directory in which UMDS stores patch data.

What to do next

Download data using UMDS.