Staging is the process during which vSphere Lifecycle Manager downloads patches and extensions on the ESXi hosts. During staging, the patches and extensions are not installed on the host. Staging reduces the time that the host spends in maintenance mode during remediation.


  • Attach a patch or extension baseline or a baseline group containing patches and extensions to the host.
  • Required privileges: VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager.Manage Patches and Upgrades.Stage Patches and Extensions.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the vSphere Lifecycle Manager compliance view for an individual host or a container object.
    1. Navigate to a host, cluster, or a container object.
    2. Click the Updates tab.
  2. Select Hosts > Baselines.
  3. In the Attached Baselines pane, select one or more baselines.
  4. Click Stage.
    The Stage Patches dialog box opens.
  5. Select hosts on which to stage patches and extensions.
    The number of selected hosts is on the top of the list.
  6. To view the patches or extensions that will download to the selected hosts, expand the Stage list.
  7. Click Stage.


The staging operation starts. You can monitor the progress of the task in the Recent Tasks pane.

What to do next

Remediate the host or hosts.

After remediation, all staged patches and extensions, whether installed or not during the remediation, are deleted from the host.