You can configure UMDS to connect to the websites of third-party vendors to download ESXi 6.5, ESXi 6.7, and ESXi 7.0 host patches and notifications.


  1. Log in to the machine where UMDS runs, and open a Command Prompt window.
  2. Navigate to the directory where UMDS is installed.
    The default location in 64-bit Linux is /usr/local/vmware-umds.
  3. Configure UMDS to download data from the new URL address.
    • To add a new URL address for downloading patches and notifications for ESXi 6.5, ESXi 6.7, or ESXi 7.0 hosts, run the following command:
      vmware-umds -S --add-url https://host_URL/index.xml --url-type HOST
  4. (Optional) Remove a URL address, so that UMDS does not download data from it anymore.
    Downloaded data is retained and can be exported. Use the following command:
    vmware-umds -S --remove-url https://URL_to_remove/index.xml


You configured UMDS to download host patches and notifications from specific URL addresses.

What to do next

Download the patches and notifications by using UMDS.