You can upgrade the hardware of virtual machines to the latest hardware version that the host supports. You can upgrade immediately or schedule an upgrade at a time that is convenient for you.

With vSphere Lifecycle Manager, you can upgrade the hardware compatibility version of a single virtual machine or multiple virtual machines simultaneously. Supported container objects for virtual machines in the vSphere inventory are folders, vApps, data centers.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to a single virtual machine or a container object.
    You can also initiate upgrade at the level of any inventory object where virtual machines run. For example, you can start the upgrade operation at a host or cluster level.
  2. Open the Upgrade VM Hardware to Match Host dialog box.
    Inventory Object Steps
    Virtual Machine
    1. Click the Updates tab.
    2. In the VM Hardware Compatibility panel, click Upgrade to Match Host.
    Container Object, Host, Cluster, Data Center, or vCenter Server Instance
    1. Click the Updates tab.
    2. Select Hosts > VM Hardware.
    3. If the selected inventory object is a data center or a vCenter Server instance, select a cluster from the list.

      A list of all virtual machines in the cluster appears in the bottom pane.

    4. Select the virtual machines to upgrade.
    5. Click Upgrade to Match Host.
    A list of the virtual machines selected for upgrading is visible in the Upgrade VM Hardware to Match Host dialog box.
  3. (Optional) To change the selection of the virtual machines to upgrade, select or deselect virtual machines from the list.
  4. (Optional) To schedule the upgrade for a specific date and time, expand Scheduling Options and configure the scheduled task.
    1. Enter a name and, optionally, a description for the scheduled upgrade task.
    2. Use the Powered On VMs, Powered Off VMs, and Suspended VMs drop-down menus to configure the upgrade to run immediately or at a specific date and time.
  5. (Optional) To configure the use of snapshots, expand Rollback Options and change the default settings.
    1. To allow or disallow taking of snapshots of virtual machines before upgrading them, select or deselect the Take snapshot of VMs check box.
      The option to take snapshots is selected by default.
    2. Select a period for keeping the snapshots.
      • Keep the snapshots indefinitely.
      • Keep the snapshots for a fixed period.
    3. Enter a snapshot name and, optionally, a description for the snapshot.
    4. Include the virtual machine memory in the snapshot by selecting the respective check box.
  6. Review your selections and click the Upgrade to Match Host button.


The hardware versions of the selected virtual machines are upgraded and the virtual machine status changes to Up to Date.