Before remediation, you must check the compliance of the vSphere objects against the attached baselines and baseline groups. To check the compliance status of hosts in the vSphere inventory immediately, initiate a compliance check manually.


If you want to check the compliance status of a cluster, verify that the cluster is not configured to use a single image.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the vSphere Lifecycle Manager compliance view for an individual host or a container object.
    1. Navigate to a host, cluster, or a container object.
    2. Click the Updates tab.
  2. Select Hosts > Baselines.
    The Baselines pane shows three panels. In those panels, you obtain host information about the selected object, host compliance information, and remediation information.
  3. In the compliance information panel, click Check Compliance.


The selected inventory object and all child objects are scanned against all attached patch, extension, and upgrade baselines. The larger the virtual infrastructure and the higher up in the object hierarchy that you initiate the scan, the longer the scan takes.