Each of the vSphere Lifecycle Manager privileges that you need to use baselines and baseline groups covers a distinct functionality.

Table 1. VMware vSphere Lifecycle Manager Privileges For Using Baslines
Task Privilege Description
Configure Configure.Configure Service Configure the vSphere Lifecycle Manager service and the scheduled patch download task.
Manage Baseline Manage Baselines.Attach Baseline Attach baselines and baseline groups to objects in the vSphere inventory.
Manage Baselines.Manage Baselines Create, edit, or delete baselines and baseline groups.
Manage Patches and Upgrades Manage Patches and Upgrades.Remediate to Apply Patches, Extensions, and Upgrades Remediate virtual machines and hosts to apply patches, extensions, or upgrades. In addition, this privilege allows you to view the ompliance status of objects.
Manage Patches and Upgrades .Scan for Applicable Patches, Extensions, and Upgrades Scan virtual machines and hosts to search for applicable patches, extensions, or upgrades.
Manage Patches and Upgrades .Stage Patches and Extensions Stage patches or extensions to hosts. In addition, this privilege allows you to view the compliance status of hosts.
Manage Patches and Upgrades .View Compliance Status View baseline compliance information for an object in the vSphere inventory.
Upload File Upload File.Upload File Upload upgrade images and offline patch bundles.

For more information about managing users, groups, roles, and permissions, see the vSphere Security documentation.