You can use the vCenter Server Management Interface to configure the system settings.

Settings include time synchronization, network settings, and SSH login settings. You can also change the root password, join the appliance to an Active Directory domain, and leave an Active Directory domain.
Note: Under the Networking pane, the virtual NIC 0 is reserved for management traffic. You cannot reassign the traffic from NIC 0 to another NIC. If you are using VCHA, this traffic uses NIC 1. You can add NICs to the vCenter Server Appliance. See the VMware knowledge base article at


  1. In a browser, go to the Web interface at https://vcenter_server_ip:5480.
  2. If a warning message about an untrusted SSL certificate appears, resolve the issue based on your company security policy and the browser that you are using.
  3. Log in as root.
    The default root password is the root password that you set when deploying the vCenter Server.


You see the Summary page of the vCenter Server Management Interface.