You can set the type of SCSI bus sharing for a virtual machine and indicate whether to share the SCSI bus. Depending on the type of sharing, virtual machines can access the same virtual disk simultaneously on the same server or on any server.

You can change the SCSI controller configuration for a virtual machine only if the virtual machine is on an ESXi host.


Power off the virtual machine.


  1. Click Virtual Machines in the VMware Host Client inventory.
  2. Right-click a virtual machine in the list and select Edit settings from the pop-up menu.
  3. On the Virtual Hardware tab, expand the SCSI Controller that you want to edit.
  4. Select the type of sharing in the SCSI Bus Sharing list.
    Option Description

    Virtual disks cannot be shared by other virtual machines.


    Virtual disks can be shared by virtual machines on the same server.


    Virtual disks can be shared by virtual machines on any server.

  5. Click Save.