In the VMware Host Client you can view information about the modules, interleave sets, and namespace of the host-local PMem datastore. As a result, you can easily identify an unhealthy module and perform troubleshooting.

You cannot perform most of the traditional datastore management tasks on the host-local PMem datastore. However, you can use the information about modules, interleave sets, and namespaces for troubleshooting purposes.


Verify that the host has at least one physical NVDIMM device.


  1. In the Navigator pane, click Storage.
  2. On the Persistent Memory tab, view information about the host-local PMem datastore.
    • Click Modules to view information about the NVDIMMs that make up the PMem datastore.
    • Click Namespaces to view information about namespaces on the NVDIMMs.
    • Click Interleave sets to see how the modules, or physical NVDIMMs, are grouped into interleave sets.