You can review all snapshots for your virtual machines and use the Snapshot Manager to manage the snapshots.

After you take a snapshot, you can right-click a virtual machine and click Revert to snapshot to restore the virtual machine to the state of the snapshot at any time.

If you have a series of snapshots, you can use the Snapshot Manager to restore any parent or child snapshot. Subsequent child snapshots that you take from the restored snapshot create a branch in the snapshot tree. Use the Snapshot Manager to delete a snapshot from the tree.

Table 1. Snapshot Manager
Option Description

Snapshot tree

Displays all snapshots for the virtual machine.

You are here icon

The You are here icon represents the current and active state of the virtual machine.

The Restore, Delete, and Edit actions are disabled for the You are here state.

Take, Restore, Delete, Edit

Snapshot options.


Shows the snapshot name and description, the date you created the snapshot. The Console shows the power state of the virtual machine when a snapshot was taken. The Name, Description, and Created text boxes are blank if you do not select a snapshot.