VMFS datastores serve as repositories for virtual machines. You can set up VMFS datastores on any SCSI-based storage devices that your host detects, including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and local storage devices. You can use the New datastore wizard to create datastores in the VMware Host Client.


Install and configure any adapters that your storage requires. Rescan the adapters to discover newly added storage devices.


  1. Click Storage in the VMware Host Client inventory and click Datastores.
  2. Click New datastore.
    The New datastore wizard opens.
  3. On the Select creation type page, select Create new VMFS datastore and click Next.
    Option Description
    Create new VMFS datastore

    Creates a new VMFS datastore on a local disk device.

    Add an extent to existing VMFS datastore

    Increases the size of an existing datastore by adding a new extent on another disk.

    Expand an existing VMFS datastore extent

    Increases the size of an existing datastore extent.

    Mount NFS datastore

    Creates a new datastore by mounting a remote NFS volume.

  4. On the Select device page, select where to create the new VMFS partition.
    1. Enter a name for the new datastore.
    2. Select a device to add the datastore to.
      The list contains only devices that have enough available space.
    3. Click Next.
  5. On the Select partitioning options page, select how to partition the device and click Next.
    Option Description
    Use Full Disk

    It shows you all the free space that is available on the device.


    Click the Free space bar and use the horizontal scroller to partition the device.

  6. On the Ready to complete page, review the configuration details and click Finish.