In VMware Host Client, the User Interface session automatically times out every 15 minutes and then you must log back in to the VMware Host Client.

You can increase the default inactivity timeout by changing an advanced configuration parameter. The default value is 900 seconds.


  • Configure the User Interface session timeout.
    Option Action
    From the VMware Host Client Advanced Settings
    1. Click Manage in the VMware Host Client inventory and click Advanced Settings
    2. Enter UserVars.HostClientSessionTimeout in the Search text box and click the Search icon.
    3. Right-click UserVars.HostClientSessionTimeout and select Edit option from the drop-down menu.

      The Edit option dialog box opens.

    4. In the New value text box, enter the timeout setting in seconds.
      Note: A value of zero (0) disables the timeout.
    5. Click Save.
    6. (Optional) To reset the key setting to default, right-click the appropriate key from the list and select Reset to default.
    From the User Settings drop-down menu
    1. Click the user name at the top of the VMware Host Client window and select Settings > Application timeout > .
    2. To specify the inactivity timeout, select the time.
    3. To disable the inactivity timeout, select Off.