To evaluate whether you are using the latest version of the VMware Host Client, check what VIBs are installed to your environment and examine the VIBs version information. You can update your VMware Host Client environment by entering a URL or a datastore path to either a VIB or the file in an ESXi offline bundle package.

If you provide a VIB file, an existing VIB that is installed to your VMware Host Client environment is updated to the new VIB.

If you provide an offline bundle, you update the entire ESXi host to the version described by the file in the bundle. Make sure that the entire offline bundle is available through the URL or is uploaded to the datastore.


  • To update your environment to the latest version, perform the following tasks:
    Task Steps
    Upload a VIB to a datastore
    1. Click Storage from the VMware Host Client environment.
    2. Select a datastore from the list and click Datastore browser.
    3. To store the VIB, select a directory and click Upload.
    4. Browse to and double-click the file.
    Upload an offline bundle to a datastore
    1. Download the ESXi offline bundle package.
    2. Upload the ESXi offline bundle package to the ESXi host. You can either upload the offline bundle package by using the Datastore browser or by using SCP or WinSCP.
    3. Extract the contents of the offline bundle on the ESXi host. For example, log in to the host by using SSH.
    4. Navigate to the directory where you uploaded the offline bundle.
    5. Extract the contents by using the
    Update your environment
    1. Click Manage in the VMware Host Client and click Packages.
    2. Click Install update and enter the URL or the datastore path to a VIB or a file in an offline bundle.
    3. Click Update.
      Caution: If you update an ESXi host managed by vSphere Lifecycle Manager, the host might become non-compliant.
    4. Click Refresh to make sure that the update is successful.