In the VMware Host Client, you can delete namespaces that were not created by ESXi, but by an OS that was previously installed on the host machine.


  • Put the host in maintenance mode.
  • Back up the content of the namespace if you might need that content at a later time.


  1. In the VMware Host Client, click Storage.
  2. Under the Persistent Memory tab, click Namespaces.
  3. (Optional) In the list of namespaces, check the State column to determine which namespaces ESXi currently uses.
    To free up space, you must delete namespaces whose state is In Use.
  4. Select a namespace and click the Delete icon.
    Important: Deleting a namespace frees up space on the datastore, but you can use the free space only after you reboot the host.
  5. Click the Reboot host icon to reboot the host.


The selected namespace is deleted from the PMem datastore. ESXi automatically creates a new namespace that the PMem datastore can use. The new namespace has the same capacity, type, and location ID as the deleted one.