If the configuration of the reference host changes, you can update the host profile so that it matches the reference host's new configuration.

After you create a host profile, you can make incremental updates to the profile. When making changes to a host profile, consider the benefits and limitations of the two methods:

  • Make the configuration changes to a host and copy that host's settings to the profile. The settings within the existing profile are updated to match those of the host. This method allows you to validate the configuration on a single host before rolling it to the other hosts that are attached to the profile.
  • Update the profile directly by editing the host profile. This provides the ability to do more comprehensive and immediate remediation of those changes.
Note: Fixed user password, system image cache and some of the host customized settings are not present in the newly updated host profile. Edit the host profile to update these settings.


  1. Navigate to the Host Profiles main view and select the host profile.
  2. Click Copy Settings from Host.
  3. Select the host from which you want to copy the configuration settings.
  4. Click OK.