You can schedule a regular compliance check of a host or cluster, using a standard vSphere Client scheduled tasks workflow. This automation determines, if any configuration parameters are different from those specified in the host profile.


  1. Navigate to Host Profiles main view.
  2. Select the desired host profile and navigate to the Monitor tab.
  3. From the Monitor tab, select Scheduled Tasks -> New Scheduled Task -> Check Compliance.
    The Schedule New Tasks (Check Compliance) dialog box appears.
  4. (Optional) Enter a new task name.
    Additional details about the task can be entered in the Description text box.
  5. Choose a frequency how often to run the task.
    You can postpone when the task is run for the first time and schedule when it ends.
  6. (Optional) To receive a notification after the task is finished, enter an email.
  7. Click Schedule The Task.


The newly created task is visible on the Scheduled Tasks list.

Note: You can Edit, Run or Remove the task.

What to do next

To understand more about compliance status, checks or failures, see Check Compliance.