When running in interactive mode, resxtop (or esxtop) recognizes several single-key commands.

All interactive mode panels recognize the commands listed in the following table. The command to specify the delay between updates is disabled if the s option is given on the command line. All sorting interactive commands sort in descending order.

Table 1. Interactive Mode Single-Key Commands
Key Description
h or? Displays a help menu for the current panel, giving a brief summary of commands, and the status of secure mode.
space Immediately updates the current panel.
^L Erases and redraws the current panel.
f or F Displays a panel for adding or removing statistics columns (text boxes) to or from the current panel.
o or O Displays a panel for changing the order of statistics columns on the current panel.
# Prompts you for the number of statistics rows to display. Any value greater than 0 overrides automatic determination of the number of rows to show, which is based on window size measurement. If you change this number in one resxtop (or esxtop) panel, the change affects all four panels.
s Prompts you for the delay between updates, in seconds. Fractional values are recognized down to microseconds. The default value is five seconds. The minimum value is two seconds. This command is not available in secure mode.
W Write the current setup to an esxtop (or resxtop) configuration file. This is the recommended way to write a configuration file. The default filename is the one specified by -c option, or ~/.esxtop50rc if the -c option is not used. You can also specify a different filename on the prompt generated by this W command.
q Quit the interactive mode.
c Switch to the CPU resource utilization panel.
p Switch to the CPU Power utilization panel.
m Switch to the memory resource utilization panel.
d Switch to the storage (disk) adapter resource utilization panel.
u Switch to storage (disk) device resource utilization screen.
v Switch to storage (disk) virtual machine resource utilization screen.
n Switch to the network resource utilization panel.
i Switch to the interrupt panel.