You can collect vSphere log files in to a single location.

You can download the log bundle from vSphere Client connected to a vCenter Server system.


  1. In vSphere Client menu, select Administration > Deployment > System Configuration.
  2. Select a vCenter Server node and click Export Support Bundle.
  3. Select the support bundle type:
    • Full Support Bundle: Contains information on all services.
    • Minimal Support Bundle: Contains basic product and configuration information.
    • Custom Support Bundle: Contains customized information. Select any of the manifest properties to download the corresponding log files.
  4. Click EXPORT.
  5. (Optional) You can also download the vCenter log bundle using another method:
    1. Right click vCenter Server instance and click Actions > Export System Logs....
    2. Click Select hosts to put selected host logs into an export bundle. Check Include vCenter Server and vSphere UI Client logs to optionally include vCenter Server and vSphere UI logs in the bundle. Click NEXT.
    3. Click Select logs to select specific system logs to export. Click EXPORT LOGS.
    Note: The log bundle is generated as a .zip file. By default, the vpxd logs within the bundle are compressed as .tgz files. You must use gunzip to uncompress these files.