vCenter Solutions Manager helps to deploy, monitor, and interact with solutions that are installed in a vCenter Server instance.

The vCenter Solutions Manager displays information about the solution, such as the solution name, the vendor name, and the version of the product. The vCenter Solutions manager also displays information about the health of a solution.


  1. Navigate to the vCenter Solutions Manager.
    1. In the vSphere Client, select Menu > Administration.
    2. Expand Solutions and click vCenter Server Extensions.
  2. Click a solution from the list.

    For instance, vService Manager or vSphere ESX Agent Manager.

  3. Navigate through the tabs to view information about the solution.
    • Summary: You can view details about the solution, such as the product name, a short description, and links to the product and vendor websites. You can also view the solution configuration and the solution UI.

      Select the vCenter Server link to view the Summary page of the Virtual Machines or vApp.

    • Monitor: You can view the tasks and events related to the solution.
    • VMs: You can view a list of all the Virutal Machines and vApps that belong to the solution.