The Memory (MB) chart displays the average amount of consumed memory for the 10 clusters in the data center with the most consumed memory.

This chart is located in the Clusters view of the Datacenters Performance tab.

Table 1. Data Counters
Chart Label Description
<cluster> Amount of host machine memory used by all powered on virtual machines in the cluster.
  • Counter: consumed
  • Stats Type: Absolute
  • Unit: MegaBytes (MB)
  • Rollup Type: Average (Minimum/Maximum)
  • Collection Level: 1 (4)

Chart Analysis

A cluster's consumed memory consists of virtual machine consumed memory and overhead memory. It does not include host-specific overhead memory, such as memory used by the service console or VMkernel.

If you experience problems with cluster memory usage, use the thumbnail cluster charts to examine memory usage for each cluster and increase memory resources if needed.

If the cluster is a DRS cluster, check the aggressiveness threshold. If the value is low, increase the threshold. Increasing the threshold might help avoid hot spots in the cluster.