Several statistics appear on the different panels while resxtop (or esxtop) is running in interactive mode. These statistics are common across all four panels.

The Uptime line, found at the top of each of the four resxtop (or esxtop) panels, displays the current time, time since last reboot, number of currently running worlds and load averages. A world is an ESXi VMkernel schedulable entity, similar to a process or thread in other operating systems.

Below that the load averages over the past one, five, and fifteen minutes appear. Load averages consider both running and ready-to-run worlds. A load average of 1.00 means that there is full utilization of all physical CPUs. A load average of 2.00 means that the ESXi system might need twice as many physical CPUs as are currently available. Similarly, a load average of 0.50 means that the physical CPUs on the ESXi system are half utilized.