VMware MIB files contain information provided by ESXi hosts and vCenter Server to SNMP management software.

Management Information Base (MIB) files define the information that can be provided by managed devices. The MIB files define managed objects, described by object identifiers (OIDs) and variables arranged in a hierarchy. SMI structure of management information (RFC 2578) is the syntax used to write MIB files for specific product and function. These MIB files are versioned independently of product and can be used to identify event types and event data related information.

You can download these MIB files from https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1013445.

Table 1. VMware MIB Files lists the MIB files provided by VMware and describes the information provided by each file.

Table 1. VMware MIB Files
MIB File Description
VMWARE-ROOT-MIB.mib Contains VMware’s enterprise OID and top-level OID assignments.
VMWARE-ESX-AGENTCAP-MIB.mib Defines the capabilities of the VMware agents by product versions. This file is optional and might not be supported by all management systems.
VMWARE-CIMOM-MIB.mib Defines variables and trap types used to report on the state of the CIM Object Management subsystem.
VMWARE-ENV-MIB.mib Defines variables and trap types used to report on the state of physical hardware components of the host computer. Enables conversion of CIM indications to SNMP traps.
VMWARE-OBSOLETE-MIB.mib For use with versions of ESX/ESXi prior to 4.0. Defines OIDs that have been made obsolete to maintain backward compatibility with earlier versions of ESX/ESXi. Includes variables formerly defined in the files VMWARE-TRAPS-MIB.mib and VMWARE-VMKERNEL-MIB.mib.
VMWARE-PRODUCTS-MIB.mib Defines OIDs to uniquely identify each SNMP agent on each VMware platform by name, version, and build platform.
VMWARE-RESOURCES-MIB.mib Defines variables used to report information on resource usage of the VMkernel, including physical memory, CPU, and disk utilization.
VMWARE-SYSTEM-MIB.mib The VMWARE-SYSTEM-MIB.mib file is obsolete. Use the SNMPv2-MIB to obtain information from sysDescr.0 and sysObjec ID.0.
VMWARE-TC-MIB.mib Defines common textual conventions used by VMware MIB files.
VMWARE-VC-EVENT-MIB.mib Defines traps sent by vCenter Server. Load this file if you use vCenter Server to send traps.
VMWARE-VMINFO-MIB.mib Defines variables for reporting information about virtual machines, including virtual machine traps.

Table 2. Other MIB Files lists MIB files included in the VMware MIB files package that are not created by VMware. These can be used with the VMware MIB files to provide additional information.

Table 2. Other MIB Files
MIB File Description
ENTITY-MIB.mib Allows the description of relationships between physical entities and logical entities managed by the same SNMP agent. See RFC 4133 for more information.
HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.mib Defines objects that are useful for managing host computers.
HOST-RESOURCES-TYPES.mib Defines storage, device, and filesystem types for use with HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.mib.
IEEE8021-BRIDGE-MIB Defines objects for managing devices that support IEEE 802.1D.
IEEE8023-LAG-MIB Defines objects for managing devices that support IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation.
IEEE8021-Q-BRIDGE-MIB Defines objects for managing Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks.
IF-MIB.mib Defines attributes related to physical NICs on the host system.
IP-MIB.mib Defines objects for managing implementations of the Internet Protocol (IP) in an IP version-independent manner.
IP-FORWARD-MIB.mib Defines objects for managing IP forwarding.
LLDP-V2-MIB.mib Defines objects for managing devices using Linked Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP).
SNMPv2-CONF.mib Defines conformance groups for MIBs.
SNMPv2-MIB.mib Defines the SNMP version 2 MIB objects.
SNMPv2-SMI.mib Defines the Structure of Management Information for SNMP version 2.
SNMPv2-TC.mib Defines textual conventions for SNMP version 2.
TCP-MIB.mib Defines objects for managing devices using the TCP protocol.
UDP-MIB.mib Defines objects for managing devices using the UDP protocol.