This panel displays virtual machine-centric storage statistics.

By default, statistics are aggregated on a per-resource-pool basis. One virtual machine has one corresponding resource pool, so the panel displays statistics on a per-virtual-machine basis. You can also view the statistics on per-VSCSI-device basis.

Table 1. Virtual Machine Storage Panel Statistics
Column Description
ID Resource pool ID or VSCSI ID of VSCSI device.
GID Resource pool ID.
VMNAME Name of the resource pool.
VSCSINAME Name of the VSCSI device.
NDK Number of VSCSI devices
CMDS/s Number of commands issued per second.
READS/s Number of read commands issued per second.
WRITES/s Number of write commands issued per second.
MBREAD/s Megabytes read per second.
MBWRTN/s Megabytes written per second.
LAT/rd Average latency (in milliseconds) per read.
LAT/wr Average latency (in milliseconds) per write.

The following table lists the interactive commands you can use with the virtual machine storage panel.

Table 2. Virtual Machine Storage Panel Interactive Commands
Command Description
e Expand or roll up storage VSCSI statistics. Allows you to view storage resource utilization statistics broken down by individual VSCSI devices belonging to a group. You are prompted to enter the group ID. The statistics are per VSCSI device.
r Sort by READS/s column.
w Sort by WRITES/s column.
R Sort by MBREAD/s column.
T Sort by MBWRTN/s column.
N Sort first by VMNAME column, and then by VSCSINAME column. It is the default sort order.