A network protocol profile contains a pool of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that vCenter Server assigns to vApps or to virtual machines with vApp functionality that are connected to port groups associated with the profile.

Network protocol profiles also contain settings for the IP subnet, DNS, and HTTP proxy server.

To configure the networking settings of virtual machines by using from network protocol profiles, perform the following operations:

  • Create network profiles at the level of a data center or a vSphere distributed switch.
  • Associate a protocol profile with the port group of a vApp virtual machine.
  • Enable the transient or static IP allocation policy from the settings of the vApp or from the vApp options of a virtual machine.
Note: If you move a vApp or a virtual machine that retrieves its network settings from a protocol profile to another data center, to power it on you must assign a protocol profile to the connected port group on the destination data center.