In vSphere you can configure certain networking features on a virtual machine adapter that is associated virtual function (VF). Use settings for the switch, for the port group, or for a port depending on the type of the virtual switch (standard or distributed) that handles the traffic.

Table 1. Networking Options for a Virtual Machine Adapter That Uses a VF
Networking Option Description
MTU size Change the size of the MTU, for example, to enable jumbo frames.
Security policy for VF traffic
  • If the guest operating system changes the initially set MAC address of a virtual machine network adapter that uses a VF, accept or drop incoming frames for the new address by setting the MAC address changes option.
  • Enable global promiscuous mode for virtual machine network adapters, including adapters that use VFs.
VLAN tagging mode Configure VLAN tagging in the standard or distributed switch, and let the tagged traffic reach the virtual machines that are associated with VFs, that is, enable Virtual Guest Tagging (VGT).