Use the pktcap-uw utility to view the path of a packet in the network stack on an ESXi host for latency analysis.

pktcap-uw Syntax for Tracing Packets

The command of the pktcap-uw utility has the following syntax for tracing packets in the network stack:

pktcap-uw --trace filter_options output_control_options

Options to the pktcap-uw Utility for Tracing Packets

The pktcap-uw utility supports the following options when you use it to trace packets:

Table 1. pktcap-uw Options for Tracing Packets
Argument Description
filter_options Filter traced packets according to source or destination address, VLAN ID, VXLAN ID, Layer 3 protocol, and TCP port. See pktcap-uw Options for Filtering Packets.
output_control_options Save the contents of a packet to a file and trace only a number of packets. See pktcap-uw Options for Output Control.