You can edit general distributed port group settings such as the distributed port group name, port settings and network resource pool.


  1. Locate a distributed port group in the vSphere Client.
    1. Select a distributed switch and click the Networks tab.
    2. Click Distributed Port Groups.
  2. Right-click the distributed port group and select Edit Settings.
  3. Select General to edit the following distributed port group settings.
    Option Description
    Name The name of distributed port group. You can edit the name in the text field.
    Port binding
    Choose when ports are assigned to virtual machines connected to this distributed port group.
    • Static binding: Assign a port to a virtual machine when the virtual machine connects to the distributed port group.
    • Ephemeral: No port binding. You can also assign a virtual machine to a distributed port group with ephemeral port binding when connected to the host.
    Port allocation
    • Elastic: The default number of ports is set to eight. When all ports are assigned, a new set of eight ports is created. This is the default.
    • Fixed: The default number of ports is set to eight. No additional ports are created when all ports are assigned.
    Number of ports Enter the number of ports on the distributed port group.
    Network resource pool Use the drop-down menu to assign the new distributed port group to a user-defined network resource pool. If you have not created a network resource pool, this menu is empty.
    Description Enter any information about the distributed port group in the description field.
  4. Click OK.