You can override the datastore cluster-wide automation level for individual virtual machines. You can also override default virtual disk affinity rules.


  1. Browse to the datastore cluster in the vSphere Client.
  2. Click the Configure tab and click Configuration.
  3. Under VM Overrides, select Add.
  4. Select a virtual machine.
  5. Click the Automation level drop-down menu, and select an automation level for the virtual machine.
    Option Description
    Default (Manual)

    Placement and migration recommendations are displayed, but do not run until you manually apply the recommendation.

    Fully Automated

    Placement and migration recommendations run automatically.


    vCenter Server does not migrate the virtual machine or provide migration recommendations for it.

  6. Click the Keep VMDKs together, drop-down menu to override default VMDK affinity.
  7. Click OK.