When you activate vSphere DPM in a DRS cluster, by default all hosts in the cluster inherit its vSphere DPM automation level.

You can override this default for an individual host by selecting the Host Options page of the cluster's Settings dialog box and clicking its Power Management setting. You can change this setting to the following options:

  • Disabled
  • Manual
  • Automatic
Note: Do not change a host's Power Management setting if it has been set to Disabled due to failed exit standby mode testing.

After activating and running vSphere DPM, you can verify that it is functioning properly by viewing each host’s Last Time Exited Standby information displayed on the Host Options page in the cluster Settings dialog box and on the Hosts tab for each cluster. This field shows a timestamp and whether vCenter Server Succeeded or Failed the last time it attempted to bring the host out of standby mode. If no such attempt has been made, the field displays Never.

Note: Times for the Last Time Exited Standby text box are derived from the vCenter Server event log. If this log is cleared, the times are reset to Never.