You can create a scheduled task to change Storage DRS settings for a datastore cluster so that migrations for fully automated datastore clusters are more likely to occur during off-peak hours.

You can create a scheduled task to change the automation level and aggressiveness level for a datastore cluster. For example, you might configure Storage DRS to run less aggressively during peak hours, when performance is a priority, to minimize the occurrence of storage migrations. During non-peak hours, Storage DRS can run in a more aggressive mode and be invoked more frequently.


Enable Storage DRS.


  1. Browse to the datastore cluster in the vSphere Client.
  2. Click the Configure tab and click Services.
  3. Under Storage DRS click the Schedule DRS button.
  4. In the Edit Datastore Cluster dialog box, click SDRS Scheduling.
  5. Expand DRS Automation.
    1. Select an automation level.
    2. Set the Migration threshold.

      Use the Migration slider to select the priority level of vCenter Server recommendations that adjust the cluster's load balance.

    3. Select whether to enable Virtual Machine Automation.

      Override for individual virtual machines can be set from the VM Overrides page.

  6. Expand Power Managment.
    1. Select an automation level.
    2. Set the DPM threshold.

      Use the DPM slider to select the power recommendations that vCenter Server will apply.

  7. Type a Task name.
  8. Type a description of the Task you have created.
  9. Under Configured Scheduler, click Change and select the time for the task to run and click OK.
  10. Type an email address to send a notification email to when the task is complete.
  11. Click OK.


The scheduled task runs at the specified time.