vSphere supports anti-affinity between vCLS VMs and another group of workload VMs.

Compute policies provide a way to specify how the vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) should place VMs on hosts in a resource pool. Use the vSphere Compute Policies editor to create and delete compute policies. You can create or delete, but not modify, a compute policy. If you delete a category tag used in the definition of the policy, the policy is also deleted. Open the VM Summary page in vSphere to view the compute policies that apply to a VM and its compliance status with each policy. You can create a compute policy for a group of workload VMs that is anti-affine to the group of vCLS VMs. A vCLS anti-affinity policy can have a single user visible tag for a group of workload VMs, and the other group of vCLS VMs is internally recognized.