You can disable SEV-ES on a virtual machine.


  • Ensure that the virtual machine is powered off.
  • PowerCLI 12.1.0 or later must be installed on a system that has access to your environment.


  1. In a PowerCLI session, run the Connect-VIServer cmdlet to connect as an administrator to the vCenter Server that manages the ESXi host with the virtual machine from which you want to remove SEV-ES.
    For example:
    Connect-VIServer -server vCenter_Server_ip_address -User admin_user -Password 'password'
  2. Disable SEV-ES on the virtual machine with the Set-VM cmdlet, specifying -SEVEnabled $false.
    For example, first assign the host information to a variable, then disable SEV-ES for the virtual machine.
    $vmhost = Get-VMHost -Name
    Set-VM -Name MyVM2 $vmhost -SEVEnabled $false


SEV-ES is disabled on the virtual machine.