You can check the health status of a Trusted Cluster by using either the vSphere Client or the command line.

For more information, see Trusted Cluster Health and Remediation Overview.


  • The vCenter Server for the Trusted Cluster must be running vSphere 7.0 Update 1 or later.
  • If you use PowerCLI, version 12.1.0 or later is required.


  1. Check the Trusted Cluster health.
    Tool Steps
    vSphere Client
    1. Connect to the vCenter Server of the Trusted Cluster by using the vSphere Client.
    2. Log in as a Trust Authority administrator.
    3. Navigate to a Trusted Cluster, select Configure, then select Trust Authority.
    4. Click Check Health.
    1. In a PowerCLI session, run the Connect-VIServer cmdlet to connect as the Trust Authority administrator to the vCenter Server of the Trusted Cluster.
      Connect-VIServer -server TrustedCluster_VC_ip_address -User trust_admin_user -Password 'password'
    2. Run the Get-TrustedClusterAppliedStatus cmdlet, for example:
      Get-TrustedClusterAppliedStatus -TrustedCluster 'TrustedCluster'
  2. If there are errors, see Remediate a Trusted Cluster.