Certain considerations and limitations exist when you use RDMs.

  • The RDM is not available for direct-attached block devices or certain RAID devices. The RDM uses a SCSI serial number to identify the mapped device. Because block devices and some direct-attach RAID devices do not export serial numbers, they cannot be used with RDMs.
  • If you are using the RDM in physical compatibility mode, you cannot use a snapshot with the disk. Physical compatibility mode allows the virtual machine to manage its own, storage-based, snapshot or mirroring operations.

    Virtual machine snapshots are available for RDMs with virtual compatibility mode.

  • You cannot map to a disk partition. RDMs require the mapped device to be a whole LUN.
  • If you use vMotion to migrate virtual machines with RDMs, make sure to maintain consistent LUN IDs for RDMs across all participating ESXi hosts.