You can get information about VMFS pointer block cache use. This information helps you understand how much space the pointer block cache consumes. You can also determine whether you must adjust the minimum and maximum sizes of the pointer block cache.


Install ESXCLI. See Getting Started with ESXCLI. For troubleshooting, run esxcli commands in the ESXi Shell.


  • To obtain or reset the pointer block cache statistics, use the following command:
    esxcli storage vmfs pbcache
    Option Description
    get Get VMFS pointer block cache statistics.
    reset Reset the VMFS pointer block cache statistics.

Example: Getting Statistics for Pointer Block Cache

#esxcli storage vmfs pbcache get
   Cache Capacity Miss Ratio: 0 %
   Cache Size: 0 MiB
   Cache Size Max: 132 MiB
   Cache Usage: 0 %
   Cache Working Set: 0 TiB
   Cache Working Set Max: 32 TiB
   Vmfs Heap Overhead: 0 KiB
   Vmfs Heap Size: 23 MiB
   Vmfs Heap Size Max: 256 MiB