When your storage offers replication services, in addition to storage containers and protocol endpoints, your storage administrator can configure replication groups on the storage side.

vCenter Server and ESXi can discover replication groups, but do not manage their life cycle. Replication groups, also called consistency groups, indicate which VMs and virtual disks must be replicated together to a target site. A single VM cannot span multiple replication groups.

The image shows two replication groups, Group A and Group B, and virtual machines that belong to each group.

If no preconfigured groups are available, Virtual Volumes can use an automatic method. With the automatic method, Virtual Volumes creates a replication group on demand and associates this group with a Virtual Volumes object being provisioned. If you use the automatic replication group, all components of a virtual machine are assigned to the group. You cannot mix preconfigured and automatic replication groups for components of the same virtual machine.