This topic provides an overview of installation and setup steps that you need to follow when configuring your SAN environment to work with ESXi.

Follow these steps to configure your ESXi SAN environment.

  1. Design your SAN if it is not already configured. Most existing SANs require only minor modification to work with ESXi.
  2. Check that all SAN components meet requirements.
  3. Perform any necessary storage array modification.

    Most vendors have vendor-specific documentation for setting up a SAN to work with VMware ESXi.

  4. Set up the HBAs for the hosts you have connected to the SAN.
  5. Install ESXi on the hosts.
  6. Create virtual machines and install guest operating systems.
  7. (Optional) Set up your system for VMware HA failover or for using Microsoft Clustering Services.
  8. Upgrade or modify your environment as needed.