You can use the vSphere Client and the esxcli command to review the capacity of the PMem datastore and some of its other attributes.

However, unlike regular datastores, such as VMFS or vVol, the PMem datastore does not appear in the Datastores view of the vSphere Client. Regular datastore administrative tasks do not apply to it.


  • Review PMem datastore information.
    Option Description
    vSphere Client
    1. Navigate to the ESXi host and click Summary.
    2. In the Hardware panel, verify that Persistent Memory is displayed and review its capacity.
    esxcli command Use the esxcli storage filesystem list to list the PMem datastore.

Example: Viewing the PMem Datastore

The following sample output appears when you use the esxcli storage filesystem list command to list the datastore.

# esxcli storage filesystem list
Mount Point             Volume Name         UUID         Mounted   Type      Size           Free
----------------------  ----------------  -------------  -------- ------- ------------  ------------

/vmfs/volumes/5xxx...     ds01-102         5xxx...       true     VMFS-6  14227079168   12718178304
/vmfs/volumes/59ex...     ds02-102         59ex...       true     VMFS-6  21206401024   19697500160
/vmfs/volumes/59bx...                      59bx...       true     vfat    4293591040    4274847744
/vmfs/volumes/pmem:5ax... PMemDS-56ax...   pmem:5a0x...  true     PMEM    12880707584   11504975872