When you configure the Emulex HBA BIOS to boot ESXi from SAN, you must enable BIOS.


  1. Reboot the host.
  2. To configure the adapter parameters, press ALT+E at the Emulex prompt and follow these steps.
    1. Select an adapter (with BIOS support).
    2. Select 2. Configure This Adapter's Parameters.
    3. Select 1. Enable or Disable BIOS.
    4. Select 1 to enable BIOS.
    5. Select x to exit and Esc to return to the previous menu.
  3. To configure the boot device, follow these steps from the Emulex main menu.
    1. Select the same adapter.
    2. Select 1. Configure Boot Devices.
    3. Select the location for the Boot Entry.
    4. Enter the two-digit boot device.
    5. Enter the two-digit (HEX) starting LUN (for example, 08).
    6. Select the boot LUN.
    7. Select 1. WWPN. (Boot this device using WWPN, not DID).
    8. Select x to exit and Y to reboot.
  4. Boot into the system BIOS and move Emulex first in the boot controller sequence.
  5. Reboot and install on a SAN LUN.