When you use Layer 3 (L3) routed connections to access NFS storage, consider certain requirements and restrictions.

Ensure that your environment meets the following requirements:
  • Use Cisco's Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) in IP Router. If you are using a non-Cisco router, use Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) instead.
  • To prioritize NFS L3 traffic on networks with limited bandwidths, or on networks that experience congestion, use Quality of Service (QoS). See your router documentation for details.
  • Follow Routed NFS L3 recommendations offered by storage vendor. Contact your storage vendor for details.
  • Disable Network I/O Resource Management (NetIORM).
  • If you are planning to use systems with top-of-rack switches or switch-dependent I/O device partitioning, contact your system vendor for compatibility and support.
In an L3 environment, the following restrictions apply:
  • The environment does not support VMware Site Recovery Manager.
  • The environment supports only the NFS protocol. Do not use other storage protocols such as FCoE over the same physical network.
  • The NFS traffic in this environment does not support IPv6.
  • The NFS traffic in this environment can be routed only over a LAN. Other environments such as WAN are not supported.