You can modify the existing storage policy components. You can also create a copy of the existing component by cloning it.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the storage policy component to edit or clone.
    1. Click Menu > Policies and Profiles.
    2. Under Policies and Profiles, click Storage Policy Components.
  2. Select the component and click one of the following icons.
    Option Description
    Edit Settings When editing, you cannot change the category of the data service and the provider. For example, if the original component references replication provided by I/O filters, these settings must remain unchanged.
    Clone When cloning, you can customize any settings of the original component.
  3. Modify appropriate values, and click OK.
  4. If a VM storage policy that is assigned to a virtual machine references the policy component you edit, reapply the storage policy to the virtual machine.
    Menu Item Description
    Manually later If you select this option, the compliance status for all virtual disks and virtual machine home objects associated with the storage policy changes to Out of Date. To update configuration and compliance, manually reapply the storage policy to all associated entities. See Reapply Virtual Machine Storage Policy.
    Now Update virtual machine and compliance status immediately after editing the storage policy.