You can use the ESXi Shell or vSphere CLI commands to configure and monitor the high-performance plug-in.

See Getting Started with ESXCLI for an introduction, and ESXCLI Reference for details of the esxcli command use.

Command Description Options
esxcli storage hpp path list List the paths currently claimed by the high-performance plug-in. -d|--device=device Display information for a specific device.

-p|--path=path Limit the output to a specific path.

esxcli storage hpp device list List the devices currently controlled by the high-performance plug-in. -d|--device=device Show a specific device.
esxcli storage hpp device set Configure settings for an HPP device. -B|--bytes=long Maximum bytes on the path, after which the path is switched.

--cfg-file Update the configuration file and runtime with the new setting. If the device is claimed by another PSS, ignore any errors when applying to runtime configuration.

-d|--device=device The HPP device upon which to operate. Use any of the UIDs that the device reports. Required.

-I|--iops=long Maximum IOPS on the path, after which the path is switched.

-T|--latency-eval-time=long Control at what interval, in ms, the latency of paths must be evaluated.

-L|--mark-device-local=bool Set HPP to treat the device as local or not.

-M|--mark-device-ssd=bool Specify whether or not the HPP treats the device as an SSD.

-p|--path=str The path to set as the preferred path for the device.

-P|--pss=pss_name The path selection scheme to assign to the device. If you do not specify the value, the system selects the default. For the description of path selection schemes, see VMware High Performance Plug-In and Path Selection Schemes. Options include:

    Use the -p|--path=str suboption to set the preferred path.

  • LB-Bytes

    Use the -B|--bytes=long suboption to specify the input.

  • LB-IOPs

    Use the -I|--iops=long suboption to specify the input.

  • LB-Latency

    Suboptions include:



  • LB-RR Default

    Suboptions include:



-S|--sampling-ios-per-path=long Control how many sample I/Os must be issued on each path to calculate latency of the path.

-U|--use-ano=bool Set the option to true to include non-optimized paths in the set of active paths used to issue I/Os on this device. Otherwise, set the option to false.

esxcli storage hpp device usermarkedssd list List the devices that were marked or unmarked as SSD by user. -d|--device=device Limit the output to a specific device.