You can use the nfsStats tool in your ESXi host to display statistical information about NFS calls and Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). The command displays statistical information for NFS 3 and NFS 4.1 mounts on the ESXi host.

Generally, the nfsStats tool performs the following tasks.

  • Gathers NFS statistics to investigate problems when you deploy a new configuration, such as a new NFS server or network, in the NFS environment.
  • Provides statistics about the success and failure of NFS operations.
  • Publishes latency statistics about the success and failure of NFS operations.
  • Troubleshoots NFS performance issues.

The command syntax is nfsStats options.

The following command options are available.

Table 1. nfsStats commands
Command Option Description
No option Obtain both NFS statistics and RPC statistics for all NFS datastores.
-3 Display only NFS 3 statistics.
-4 Display only NFS 4.1 statistics.
-n Display only NFS 3 and NFS 4.1 statistics.
-r Display RPC statistics.
-i interval Display NFS and RPC statistics at an interval equal to the specified value in seconds. For example, if the value you enter is 10, the statistics is refreshed every 10 seconds.
-v DSNAME1, DSNAME2, ... Display both NFS and RPC statistics for the specified NFS datastores. Use this option in conjunction with the type of the NFS datastore, for example, -3 or -4.
-j Display statistics in json format.