On an ESXi host, view a dependent hardware iSCSI adapter to verify that it is correctly loaded.

If installed, the dependent hardware iSCSI adapter (vmhba#) appears on the list of storage adapters under such category as, for example, Broadcom iSCSI Adapter. If the dependent hardware adapter does not appear on the list of storage adapters, check whether it needs to be licensed. See your vendor documentation.


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to the ESXi host.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. Under Storage, click Storage Adapters.
  4. Select the adapter (vmhba#) to view.
    The default details for the adapter appear, including the iSCSI name, iSCSI alias, and the status.

What to do next

Although the dependent iSCSI adapter is enabled by default, to make it functional, you must set up networking for the iSCSI traffic and bind the adapter to the appropriate VMkernel iSCSI port. You then configure discovery addresses and CHAP parameters.