You can configure the vCenter Server SNMP agent to filter out notifications if you do not want your SNMP management software to receive those notifications.


  1. Access the appliance shell and log in as a user who has the administrator or super administrator role.
    The default user with super administrator role is root.
  2. Run the snmp.set --notraps command to filter traps.
    • To filter specific traps, run the following command:
      snmp.set  --notraps oid_list
      Here, oid_list is a list of object IDs for the traps to filter, separated by commas. This list replaces any object IDs that were previously specified using this command.
    • To clear all trap filters, run the following command:
      snmp.set  --notraps reset
  3. (Optional) If the SNMP agent is not enabled, enable it by running the snmp.enable command.


The traps identified by the specified object IDs are filtered out of the output of the SNMP agent, and are not sent to SNMP management software.