You can change the time synchronization settings in vCenter Server after deployment.

When you deploy vCenter Server, you can choose the time synchronization method to be either by using an NTP server or by using VMware Tools. In case the time settings in your vSphere network change, you can edit the vCenter Server and configure the time synchronization settings by using the commands in the appliance shell.

When you enable periodic time synchronization, VMware Tools sets the time of the guest operating system to be the same as the time of the host.

After time synchronization occurs, VMware Tools checks once every minute to determine whether the clocks on the guest operating system and the host still match. If not, the clock on the guest operating system is synchronized to match the clock on the host.

Native time synchronization software, such as Network Time Protocol (NTP), is typically more accurate than VMware Tools periodic time synchronization and is therefore preferred. You can use only one form of periodic time synchronization in vCenter Server. If you decide to use native time synchronization software, vCenter Server VMware Tools periodic time synchronization is disabled, and the reverse.